Monterrey, Mexico










A very unique client approached the firm with a special endeavor: to transform the scrap metal of his first airplane into a work of art, in this case a work of architecture to be placed in one of the most prestigious concert halls of Latin America, The Arena Monterrey.

The esplanade in the Arena's main entrance has highly untapped potential. Without a bench to sit on or shade to rest under, this public space lacks the high quality and identity of the events the Arena houses.

The compass rose depicted in the plaza’s floor has a powerful intention that goes wildly unnoticed. How can the fact of arriving to the Arena become a memorable event, a delightful experience?

Throughout history, bringing vitality to a public space has been achieved by placing a landmark at its center, such as a kiosk, a sculpture or a fountain. These three concepts were combined to shape a pavilion.

Since a sphere would barely touch the ground, it was used as a starting point for the design. In order to transform this geometry into a kiosk, an opening is made to let sunlight in and another opening is made for the entrance. The shape is slightly compressed to encompass more interior space. The airplane’s aluminum skin is flattened and cut into triangular sheets to compose a sculptural shell that mimics the pattern of the compass rose.

The pavilion acquires the qualities of a kiosk and a sculpture but the essential ingredient of the concept is still missing: the fountain. Not a water fountain since the Arena is mainly used at night, but a fountain of light. A strong source of light inside the pavilion produces a great beam of light pointing north.

Afterwards, several small openings are strategically made in the pavilion’s surface in order to project light rays that emphasize the compass. The light projected on the floor evokes the petals of a rose: the compass rose.

The pavilion’s interior is a multipurpose space that can host a sponsor’s event, an autograph signing, or a simple place for chilling.

During the day, the pavilion is a reflective seed that provokes curiosity. At night, it blossoms into petals of light; becoming a beautiful prelude for the experience the Arena offers.

Equipo: Beto Frías
Andrés M. Campuzano
Música: Andrés Villarreal
Voz: Lucía Guerra